Web Application Development: Tips and Tricks from Professional Developers

Web apps in practice are dynamic sites that use the client-server model and provide a broad range of functions, such as user interaction, connection of backend databases and auto generation of results in browser, providing the user with convenient service of interaction with the web app from any device without additional program installation. Websites and apps can be used for a variety of purposes. You can create such solutions as social networks, instant messaging, online purchases, banking services, online reservations, education, surveys, auctions, games, blogs, accounting, forums, content management, etc.

Web architecture: how to create an application?

Client Side Script - The client's script program is a class of apps executed by the user's browser, that is, the client side. The source code of this application is visible to all users and can be accessed by displaying the file that contains the user. There is a wide variety of client-side scripting tools and technologies, including:

  • CSS (Cascading style sheet)
  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • My object-oriented tool, or an object-oriented JavaScript framework MooTools
  • jQuery - the most popular JavaScript library designed to facilitate
  • Client-side scripting.
  • Dojo Toolkit is an open-source JavaScript library used for multiplatform platforms, JavaScript, Ajax, web development.


  • Server-side script: programs created with server-side scripting methods run on a server. The source code is not displayed to the user. The modern methods and tools for server-side scripts are the following.
  • A generic programming language widely used in server side scripts that can be combined with several database servers, such as the hypertext preprocessor or PHP - Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL,.
  • ASP.NET: an open source application framework from Microsoft.
  • ASP(Active Server Pages): the scripting engine on the server side of Microsoft, which is the predecessor of ASP.NET.
  • It is an object oriented web application framework for Zend Framework, or ZF - PHP.
  • Adobe ColdFusion: rapid development platform.
  • Ruby on Rails: a free framework written in Ruby.
  • Perl: a free general-purpose generic dynamic coding language, which has lost popularity due to the introduction of PHP.
  • Python: dynamic, interpretive and high level programming language distributed for free.

In computer science, libraries are collections of resources such as configuration data, lower level, functions, message templates, etc., and programmers often use them to easily incorporate functions in various types of apps. That is, it is a routine operation of a program stored in one place in the object format. In the Windows environment library, traditionally the extension is .DLL.

The web framework incorporates software libraries, template frameworks and other tools organized in architectural patterns, so that developers can use advanced sites in the most efficient and fastest way. The apps can be programmed and supported. The aim of the web application framework is to facilitate programming and engineering. Many of them promote the reuse of the code by providing folder structure and organization examples, tutorials on the connection of databases, architecture patterns, entity management, etc.

  • The logic (action and view of the program) and the part of the design (including CSS and HTML) are separated from each other. Without the help of programmers, it is possible to edit the interface and change the design by several departments involved in the development (for example, designers unfamiliar with coding).
  • The framework modulates the code, provides developers with tools and libraries that can quickly implement sophisticated functions and easily share libraries.
  • The structural design allows developers to write comprehensive high-quality code, keep it updated according to standards and allow others to examine the code in the shortest time.

The coding rules are a set of guidelines that define the rules for programming various aspects of an application. These rules and standards include programming styles, folder structure, principles, programming practices, format, classes, indentation, architecture, etc. These guidelines ensure that comments and documents are uniform to improve the readability of the source code and unify them into various apps and their constituent elements.

According to coding standards, it is easier for other developers to work on the same project.

The coding standards facilitate the maintenance and updating of programs.

Other programmers can easily understand the code created according to the convention.

Approach to Web Application Development

The development of web apps is a complex process that specializes in various fields of IT and requires the participation of many experts working in groups. Because each digital development agency has its own procedure and strategy for creating apps.

Some companies apply SDLC as the traditional system development life cycle method, or cascade model or more innovative agile software development approach.

SDLC Model

The cascade model is a software design that completes the development process in phases of application discovery, requirements designation, research analysis, architecture design, concept and mock-up, programming, testing, code verification, error correction, implementation, etc. It is a classic approach to implementation and maintenance.

agile software development methodology is a web programming approach with small iterations by a self-organized team of experts that collaborate with clients. Developers can provide customers with fully operational software in the shortest time possible and can effectively make changes to the products in the final stage of development.

Process for Creating a Web Application

Create an Application from Scratch

Each development company has its own application development process that identifies the steps and strategies that the development team follows when working on a project. There is, of course, a general method of developing essential web apps for each application design company, such as the following document that guarantees that all nuances of the software life cycle are recorded.

  • Identify the project profile, the purpose of the application, the purpose of the project and the strategy
  • Investigation and analysis of the hearing, formal security documents
  • Summary of future technical specifications and application functions
  • Cooperation team and project management documentation
  • Specification of the functions, technical requirement, interactive prototype
  • Architecture and metallic structure of the application, methodology of development, updating, optimization and growth plan, hardware / software requirements
  • Market research and analysis, third-party services and platform selection: merchant account / payment gateway, location / dedicated server, SSL certificate, processing center, self-service payment system, website analysis tool, etc.
  • Mockup app, design design, application prototype, interface, database design, web application development documentation
  • Test document: quality assurance management, data security, browser compatibility, application performance (load impact and load test), usability
  • Support after the start
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The tests are an important step in the development of web apps. In some cases, testing can take more time and resources than design and programming. There are some important things to keep in mind when testing apps.

  • Code inspection and error testing
  • Compatibility with cross browser
  • Performance: stress and load shock test
  • Application security control
  • Quality guarantee
  • Usability verification
Why Create a Web Application for your Business?

In the modern digital age, Web apps, has become a useful tool that more and more organizations are introduced into the workflow. With businesses created by high quality apps of professional developers with the modern technologies. Get in touch with millions of customers to provide their products and services. It will be a stable source of income and will benefit consumers and advertising. Establish a business reputation, obtain a customer base, improve brand awareness and gain recognition through innovative technology.

When do you need a Web Application?

Generally, there are several reasons to motivate companies to select the development of web apps to expand their businesses.

  • Companies, to improve employees and productivity department, increase workflow efficiency and automate routine procedures, we want to easily manage sales and project.
  • Business, decide to change from the old robust desktop software, flexible and modern Web-based solutions with a wide range of features.
  • Companies want to expand their customer base and improve communication with customers by providing services and products online.
  • Companies want to create innovative and technologically advanced apps, become prominent among competitors and gain wide awareness.
Business Benefits

Modern apps have a wide range of features that offer businesses and consumers several advantages:

  • Web apps that have been developed by IT professionals, to establish an online virtual presence to expand the physical business environment, increase the business to the next level, which offers the opportunity to promote competition.
  • The World Wide Web is a new global business environment that drastically changed traditional business practices.
  • Organizations large and small must evolve and constantly improve along the latest trend to compete in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • There are many opportunities and tools for customers and companies to research and find the most profitable offers of all. It is easy to compare the price and the selection of products in different stores through the Internet.
  • The Web is an infinite source and is available to all who search.
  • Physics and there is still the dominant company, is a company that offers a service no longer related to the availability of the Internet, gradually falling into oblivion, to adapt to the new business to ensure online presence The reality that we must consider the development of a new commercial strategy.

Are you Ready to Start?

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