Recent Projects


Pocket Analytics

An iOS application for finance data access and analysis

The idea of the application was to create a mobile app with server side and ability to access data from a third-party accounting program. We developed an app that lets authorised users to get data in XML format as soon as it was transmitted from the accounting program to the mobile devices via a web server. The data can be displayed in various ways, grouped into categories, showed in the form of tables and graphs. The program follows the indicators such as income, spent, balance and other, conduct analytics, and display data in diagrams, bars, pie charts. Push Notifications inform users if any of indicator goes over the limit. Web server enables to administer the app: manage companies and users and control the period of system usage.


Family Chat

An iPad video chat platform secure from unwanted contacts

Our task was to build a video chat app that will be user-friendly for both children and senior citizens and will be protected from unwanted contacts and content. The customer also wanted us to integrate multimedia features such as instant pictures sharing, taking a photo during the call, and ability to sync the screens with call partner. We build a client part of the app with Cocoa Touch and Opentok frameworks enabling background mode. And server side was written with the help of PHP and MySQL. The client and the server transmit the data in JSON format. The app also includes an in-app purchasing functionality letting the users buy picture slots.


Items for sale

A catalogue app for sales representatives

Our customer was looking for a mobile solution that could contain the information on available for sale items. We build an iOS app implementing AFNetworking library, FTPManager, and Realm database for mobile devices ensuring a streamlined user experience. The app provides access to the detailed information on glass products making it easier for sales representatives to get customers acquainted with the collection of their goods and hence increase the productivity.



A fitness app for progress tracking

Our customer company was helping people in getting fit since it was founded and now they wanted to improve their interaction with the clients and increase the efficiency of their services with a health and fitness mobile app. Our task was to create a program that could collect data on the exercises and keep track of user’s growth. As far as the app didn’t have too much statistics to collect we should have made it as simple as possible to achieve higher intuitiveness. The app suggests several fitness programs aimed at particular purpose whether it is weight loss, cardio or others and helps to track users’ progress.


Lorry Driver

An app for hourly lorry drivers

Our customer approached us to create a mobile application for lorry drivers which could help them to become more self-dependent. The app counts the hours of the work in a week and helps to track the tractor and trailer making comments when it is necessary. The program works to assist drivers with their day-to-day payment calculations and cross checking. We build a program that enables drivers to compare the actual results with the net pay, push notification feature reminds to check the app every time the lorry reaches the ATE, drivers also can keep track of all the lorry and trailers he drives, and comment functionality lets ask for the memo of the day.


Real Estate Licensing

A mobile application for real estate agents

Our customer was a representative from one of an academy of real estate and wanted us to build a program that will allow real estate agents to manage, track, and maintain their license. The app automatically updates the license status and notify users about license expiration providing a countdown. The app also provides an opportunity to register for continuing professional training courses and get acquainted with the license renewal guidance. The app lets to remove the stress from license maintenance letting professionals to focus on their career.