Custom Software Development Company: IT products of any complexity

We are a custom software development company with main focus on building unique IT solutions to meet the requirements of customers. Custom programms, known as bespoke or tailored, is a computer or web programm, designed to answer the demands of your company.

Bespoke software applications

We provide conceptual design comments on product launch at all stages of developing your application to ensure that our software does not meet your expectations. At the same time, this custom app development company takes care of every step of the application development lifecycle. More than five years this company have created innovative mobile applications, creating complex company digital programms. Focus our attention on the main goals of future applications, and help your company grow through digital tools. If you approach us, you can ensure that you receive the perfect blend of price and quality.

Why You Might Need Software Development Services

IT development becomes a key tool which accomplishes day-to-day tasks. There are many prefabricated applications, but you want other features or even tools to improve efficiency. Custom methods can contribute significantly to your working processes and productivity. The creation and incorporation of custom program seems to be time-consuming and costly, but you should remember that in the long run, the cost is unreasonable.

Support and advice

Experienced in custom software development, custom app development team provides advice and advice for your application, network and operations to achieve the business objectives to be facilitated. Company provides support at various points of contact. You just focus on your core business, development team will provide you with all technical specifications and nothing to worry about. Share your thoughts and the results you want to achieve, and we will take care of your implementation in the way that is most beneficial to you. IT company ensures that it creates and supports the quality products.

Customized Off-Shelf Solutions

Customized and off-the-shelf software has its own advantages and disadvantages. But when we talk about the future success of your company, the answer is obvious. The most up-to-date program meets the requirements of most users while using useless options of old systems and does not meet their expectations in functionality and efficiency aspect. Create custom program, eliminate unnecessary resources, and make sure your company has everything it requires. You decide which features to place in the custom frame. In terms of business development needs, bespoke software means simplifying the process through harmonization and standardization. A platform allows the entire company and its employees to communicate seamlessly. In short, let's point out the advantages of custom programs:

  • Tailored to your specific business goals;
  • Automate and streamline day-to-day business processes;
  • Keep data and information in one place;
  • Do not worry about program compatibility;
  • Additional security
  • More effective staff management;
  • There is no license fee, this is yours;
  • Easy to use, it is based on your requirements;
  • Improve the efficiency and productivity of the company.

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Packaged Programs

If the ready-made solution doesn’t fit and custom software development is very expensive, there is another alternative. Development companies can integrate the functionality required in existing solutions offering some flexibility that this option seems to be perfect:

  • It's cheaper than ordering your own software;
  • It's faster because developers do not write it from scratch, they just add the features you require;
  • Much easier than writing the whole process;
  • But the lack of quantity is:
  • First, not all prepared programs will allow legal changes;
  • You will still be required to pay your usage fees in accordance with your license terms and pay additional fees for custom development;

Every time this program is updated, you need to integrate your updates again. And every time this is your constant job to synchronize and hit huge extra fees.

Business IT Solutions

Company experience custom business solutions in the vertical industry in different industries. We use our technical expertise in building and innovation technologies to tailor your digital tools to your business objectives. We can also help you increase your productivity and mobilize your business by integrating local and cross-platform mobile applications with other business systems. We can simplify your intranet / extranet work with various Web applications to handle business process automation solutions. We also pay attention to those who operate large companies or mid-market clients, they are just start-up companies or have a small business.

Build your own app

Whether you are a customized program or create your own, a professional developer will be helpful. You can work with an external team of developers, like this development company, or you can create your own in-house team. Hardly any developer can perform difficult tasks such as creating custom software in a short time. This requires many skills, including planning, coding, design, UI / UX testing, quality assurance testing, and so on.

Outsourcing software development

you hire an outside organization or service provider to complete some business tasks, we call it outsourced and in our case, it is tailored to the business management process. Why do people outsource? There are some reasons and advantages:
  • Experienced Skills Creating a simple mobile program with a few free app building sites is not that hard, but creating the entire multi-feature program specifically tailored to you is different. This type of task requires graphic design, perhaps website development, coding across multiple programming languages.
  • Equipment. You may need some equipment and inventory, which will cost a lot and you will not be rewarded for completing a task. We specialize in custom networks and mobile app development companies that have everything they ask about.
  • Temporarity. you only need developers to develop unique software at one time and later you may need to upgrade and upgrade, but this is not what you need every day. If you hire your own development team, you need to pay the developer's salary every month, but if you hire a third-party company, you just need to pay for your work. Also, you can not hire a highly skilled part-time developer.

In short

In other words, outsourcing is the perfect way to hire experts to accomplish temporary tasks. You may think that hourly wage rates or project fees are high but still cheaper than paying the annual salary to full time software engineers. And you can also count on our professional consultancy and advanced technical support.


The advantage of building your own team to achieve operational functionality is that you control time and activity. However, for the following reasons, it will take less costs to mistrust:

  • You need to hire a developer with professional knowledge, you need to pay a full year;
  • And to manage that extra team and help them learn a lot,
  • Let them attend the international conference to provide new test equipment and have the opportunity to investigate the development patterns of iOS, Android and Windows and Microsoft on the latest changes;
  • You must pay for these developer licenses.

To sum up

So it may not be the qualitative you expect. Finally, you can combine internal and external resources to do most things internally and recruit someone as the short term of our company if it fits. You need to measure all the pros and cons, and make your own conclusions, the best choice for you.

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How we work

During our work, we call it ASD or agile software to develop it as a way of anticipating greater flexibility to achieve a finished degree of practicality. It focuses on simple code, usually testing and implementing the functional bits of the custom app when it's ready. The main goal of ASD is to create a great multifunctional application for small parts approved by the customer. We divide our project into steps to monitor and improve the creative process.

Step 1: Discuss

We started our project, discussed and detailed planning. Our project team pointed out the main objectives of the client requirements. We listen to your demands and expectations and create the whole picture of future work. Our team works with your delegates to develop different proposals for project optimization.

Step 2: Research

Next, we determine the cost of your project and the resources needed. This step is done before the general budget and the team requirements are met. We provide an analysis of the phases in this step to help us provide you with a guarantee of the terms of the software creation.

Step 3: System Design

This stage includes the preparation of models, technical documentation and representative materials. We have identified all the features of your app and created your wireframe. Step by step, we work with UX and UI projects that use available and attractive software solutions.

Step 4: MVP

The next step is to create a minimum feasible product for developers to write software tools for "body". It is a central function of the application's work. Once we are ready to test, we will check the compatibility of the program based on the program we developed with you. If you're ready to deploy, let's go to the next step.

Step 5: Test and Launch

At this stage, our experts conduct QA testing to eliminate all errors. Check each item and you will receive a full report on all phases of your experiment. We make the necessary improvements and test again. Only highly experienced and professional experts take this test. Once all the tests and corrections have been completed, you can consider other features to be implemented. Only you are satisfied with the results of our work and we conduct a quality review that reflects what ordinary users can be described as your target audience. After completing all the necessary changes we will start the final app.

Even after the product launch, we are interested in your success. We continue to work together to evaluate applications, learn user feedback, and find new ways to improve efficiency.

Why do you need to choose us

It is difficult to find a good software development company, but it is much more difficult to find a company that is your long-time partner. You need an experienced company that has achieved a successful project and spent many years in a highly competitive IT business market. We're here. We use a variety of programming languages, we develop custom networks, mobile and multiplatform solutions for your business, whether you're a giant business or a midsize business or just started. We make the entire development process transparent to you, and we can provide you with things that are important to you, for example:

  • Quality
  • ROI optimization
  • Technical experience
  • Extensibility
  • Fast time to market

We are not only technical experts in the IT industry, but we are also interested in our work, we will make every effort to create unique digital solutions for customers. Please contact us and let us discuss your custom software development needs.