Best way to recover formatted hard drive data

Seagate Expansion Drive Recovery is only the thing and also the best way to bring your data back. After you recover the data from the Seagate hard disk the data you will find will be same as before. There are few statistics which will prove the data existence even after the complete deletion. Hence, what is the use of saying that file is deleted permanently when file after deletion exists in there.
The genuine question to be asked and here is the answer for query which is to recover formatted hard drive data. The thing which is mentioned in the above paragraph is very true. The data even after deletion remains in there and this is the reason what make recovery of data is possible. What happens exactly is when the file is deleted by any mean (shift delete, delete, command delete, format, and reformat, emptying Recycle Bin etc) then the pointers pointing to them are just set free. Addressing the place (data) using some variable or some name is known as pointers. Thus, when the files are deleted then these pointers are actually deleted and in contrast the data is still present in there.
Data when stored in the Seagate hard disk then the new space is allocated to the data and is addressed with new pointers. The concept is when you have to reach that particular space then address is assigned to the data. When users wants to access the data then that particular address acts as an access point that enable user to access the data.
After deletion the illusion is created that makes the user understand the absence of data. The illusion is created so strategically which make the user sure that data is not present in the hard disk but that is partially true. Not only format but there are number of such tasks that make deletion of those pointers. Making the empty space for you is the work of deletion.
So your partial true is now known converted to full and you are know about what is going on behind the scenarios of deletion. This means all the measures of deleting the files like shift + delete, delete, emptying “Recycle Bin” is just to create the illusion. But at the end you have had delete the file then what could be done to recover those files? The way is to recreate those pointers which are deleted. The task may be difficult so better to use the Hard Disk Recovery Software.
The software will regenerate the files access information and related information too. And when this information will be used then all the data will get the access. As regeneration reads all tracks and sector of disk and at last gives the file.
If you are not using the software, then recovering the files from formatted Seagate Hard Drive will be a time-consuming task (backup and restoring points). Things to avoid in order to recover formatted data from Seagate hard disk.
Just skip to save the data in the hard disk after you have had lost data or after installation of OS
Defragmentation is yet another remembering points that have to be keep in mind
So if you have reached to the decision that only recovery software is going to help you then just download the software and install it in the system. Install it in the other system and reconnect the formatted data hard disk in it. Use the software enabled feature to recover the data from the hard disk and save the session in the healthy system drive.