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Almost everyone has heard of the word Android. It is an open source multithreading based on Linux, it is the totally free operating system of Google, completely changed the world. Android is one of the global market leaders in other mobile operating systems. The platform has completely changed the personal or organizational communication. Ultimately, the platform underwent a thorough review, adding a variety of functions useful for business and personal communication.

But how can individuals use this high tech technology to expand their efficiency? Very simple: Develop an Android software to customise your work with a reputable IT company!

Some companies need to use portable device optimization applications for Android, these applications help on this mobile platform for marketing and operations, which is the Android development company a major bright spot.

Why do I need to make my own application?

The Android platform is currently based on the market of smartphones, a variety of devices. Take this opportunity to cover the majority of potential customers through the development of Android is obvious. Statistics in recent years take this idea into account:

  • Around 788 million people through the mobile Internet
  • The number of smartphones in two years, from 500 million to 2 billion
  • The application represents 86% of the time spent on the smartphone
  • Over 30% of mobile advertising revenue comes from non-Google and non-Facebook applications. According to Fast Company statistics

Advantages of Android app development

Although large companies can develop applications on a variety of platforms at the same time, small entrepreneurs and startap representatives often face the following questions: which platform should I choose for my first commercial application? The correct answer can have a significant impact on the success or failure of the company. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages for different viewers. In a variety of operating systems that power portable devices, we are particularly interested in Android as open source software and in the very popular and successful software development.

  • With more than 80% market share, become the mobile business IT strategy, one of the most important parts. Develop this operating system application, you can Samsung, Sony, HTC and other well-known brands of 20,000 unique equipment to contact more than one billion people.
  • It is easy to customize. In terms of Android, it is open source software that makes it easy to develop your applications with your own brand. You can earn your trading experience on this operating system. In addition, you can implement a wide range of features, from complex technical customization to application integration in the application. The platform is flexible enough to meet the needs of your company.
  • Creating custom apps on the platform gives you the freedom to get what you are asking for. It is believed that the iPhone application is more profitable to calculate a user's revenue, as long as the user's user is more than the average user. However, based on the popularity of Android-based smartphones and tablets, today's users bring the same value to their business. In addition, free apps that use in-app ads can earn revenue by serving ads.
  • Android belongs to Google. With the Google Play Store, you can access the program faster than the Apple App Store. After you publish the app, the Play Store takes a few hours to publish, and Apple review of your product takes weeks. The bug in updating and fixing your app on the Play Store is also faster.
  • If your company is in the mass market and you are targeting the middle class, Android should have a mobile devices software development platform. Given the future of your business, Android development is a highly competitive area with many potential buyers.
  • Although the new features of Apple's new phone are almost impossible to use in previous versions of the operating system, Google does not restrict users because they no longer pay for new phones or tablets and allow them to use most of the new Role. This has led to an increase in the loyalty of Android devices, especially among young innovators. Youth loyalty to its application will bring millions of solvent fans in a few years.

When you create an app to meet the needs of the general public, the economic meaning allows users to target their maximum audience to the operating system.

Startup apps

Smart devices (such as smartphones and tablets) are everywhere, mobile development is now more of a necessity. More than half of the small companies stream comes from portable devices, so that visitors have a very extravagant.

The number of small firms with their own mobile apps is increasing, and the number of startup that already own software is ahead of the game in a highly competitive market. That's why you need to develop an effective mobile strategy, not just a sensitive website design. When you create an IT product, you can rely on the benefits of your business:

  • You have become visible. Your potential customers will always be able to contact and understand you. Keep your customer's pockets with accessible information and services to make your customer's life easier and significantly improve the user experience.
  • You advertise your product or service using push notifications to inform your customers about any sales, events and promotions. Reward the loyalty of your customers. In addition, you also promote your brand and get approved through mobile apps, which will certainly increase your image.
  • Programs may also improve your productivity Many features allow you to flow more. Implement a backup system that simplifies the lives of customers while saving employees time to perform other functions. Let your customers buy and create a new online sales channel.
  • Mobile apps have many unique and attractive features that drive your company growth and prosperity. With modern technology, you may creatively involve existing and new customers and retain a bigger market share.
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Creating an Android app

There are several alternative ways to create an app:

  • Use the DIY to make it yourself
  • Learn the right programming language (Java)
  • Hire a professional developers
  • Let's discuss these options and choose the most appropriate option
DIY builders

In some cases software development does not require coding skills. There are many DIY sites on the Internet. This is an economical solution from professional development company. Such sites usually have video tutorials and manuals on how to use them, significantly helping beginners start their first mobile program. Prefabricated templates and combinations of feature lists that you may integrate make the software build process look like a game. You just need to select the layout and function, add your content, and prepare to publish. The creation itself is usually free and its maintenance and some options require monthly payments. Finally, you will receive a simple app with basic functionality. It looks professional, but does not feel that as long as its function is very limited, the design is usually, unfortunately, does not guarantee its working principle.

Becomes the developer yourself

First, you need a device and a developer account. To talk about the development of Android, we have good news for you: you may create an app on any platform, whether Windows, Linux or Mac, you only have to pay $ 25 to register with the Google Play Store and Apple Signature of US $ 99 per year.

Secondly, you need to learn a programming language and how to use the tools. In the case of Android, the language is Java, in addition to this it can also be supported by many devices and operating systems. Learn this language and you can also write program that support Windows and Linux. When it comes to the software development tools, start with the Google’s IDE and SDK.

Android Studio and Eclipse were specifically designed to make software. These integrated development environments When writing and executing your code using other IT tools, you need to write a code to compile and then run another code. It is easy to find the Android Studio tutorial and the Eclipse guide. You should also visit useful libraries. With the help, you may add a new feature without having to start coding from scratch. But you must understand that this is really a time consuming process, which is not easy. People usually learn skills.

Professional Developers

Programs development requires some skills and experience. The DIY site will never be as professional as the development of the good, learning to code their own need a lot of time. Hiring a professional designer is an economical investment that provides tools to improve your productivity and improve the customer experience.

How to find a great developer?

Sometimes mobilizing your company means you need help with people who already qualified to execute development services. So, should you consider looking for an IT development company? Here are some tips you should choose from a software company:

  • UI / UX designer. Functional user interface and intuitive user experience are critical to a cute and lucrative solution. The developers should work closely with UI / UX designers to direct the project to success. If the executors can not achieve the designer's concept of life, all efforts will collapse at this stage.
  • There is a QA group. There are about 20,000 devices on the platform, each with its own resolution, screen size and features. Some branded companies will also bring some changes that lead to the need to test whether your program runs on all these devices. What is an app that does not work in the middle of the smartphone? Quality Assurance Specialists test software to eliminate errors and provide users with excellent experience and the right work environment.
  • Security and stability should be some high priority issues during the development. If you choose an IT development company that does not pay attention to avoiding hacker attacks, virus vulnerabilities and peak load pressure to improve the reliability of software development, this may harm your reputation. To avoid this choice, a secure development agency.
  • The Android app developers you are looking for should use the Android SDK under a professional developer license and download their extensive portfolio of items to Google Play to prove their proficiency.

So in addition to the price and the ability to find a company, you should consider the above points.

What makes us the best development team

Since 2010, we've created a stunning Android app for our customers. Whether you are a startup company or a company, we are here. Our professional team is comprised of skilled programmers, creative designers and quality assurance experts who have earned customers' trust in more than 500 successful app development cases for tablets and mobile devices. We create mobile software products for the following industries:

  • Health care
  • Financial
  • Education
  • Social media
  • Real Estate Management
  • Travel
  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment and so on

We have a lot of experience in many niches and we put the IT experts in your project. We are flexible and turn to life the ideas you want to develop.

Why us

Select us as an IT development team, you view all of these points in the list. Our custom software development company is comprised of experts in Android and iOS who focus on all the details of the program’s functionality for UI features, quality and security.

Briefly explanation:

  • We knew something and were supported by our previous successful project;
  • We can create and design any software which meets your needs and meets your needs;
  • We promise to continuously support the identification of the main features of your program, install it correctly in the Android SDK and future maintenance;
  • We customized your Android solution based on your unique needs and implemented the desired features;
  • We customize the design of your It product to meet your expectations;
  • We use the development APIs to organize the data;
  • Our goal is to make your digital solution available, intuitive and attractive.

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