4 Mistakes To Avoid While Developing An App

App development has reached the peak of its business over the last couple of years. Developers and designers have come up with all kinds of apps and games that are visible in the app stores. Whether its IOS or Android or Mac, there are over thousands of apps to choose from. Sadly some of the apps do not receive as much recognition as other apps. There are tips and strategies out there every app developer must appoint in order to make his or app a success.
Here are 4 mistakes you should avoid while developing your mobile app.

#1: Platform Stereotypes

Sometimes app developers are confused on which platform they should base their app upon. Some individuals are biased and tend to bend towards IOS considering they will get paid more. Only if you are an experienced coder and accustomed to most languages including Swift and Objective C, only then should you try out app development for IOS. Some people go the other way, considering Android as the mother platform because it is used by the majority population. This taboo has to be laid down as a developer should develop an app for a platform he is comfortable with.

#2: Internet Services

An important decision that has to be made by every app developer is on whether internet connection is necessary for running the app. So before you go ahead and link it to the Cloud, make sure your app is attractive enough to be downloaded in the first place. It is always an added advantage if your app doesn’t require the internet because users tend to download offline apps more. So useless features that would require internet connection will only reduce the usage and effectiveness of your app.

#3: Monetisation

It is obvious that most users out there prefer free apps rather than paid apps unless the app is renowned and widely used. So if this is your first venture at app development you should stick to free usage. Once the user is accustomed to your app and he or she is willing to take a step forward, you can add a premium version and in-app purchases. If you see that your app is being loved by its users and has a high download proportion, you can go ahead and charge individuals for downloading the app.

#4: Second Opinion

This is more of a personal issue rather than a development-based one. Do not be the judge of your own app. Always seek a second and if necessary a third opinion before you launch your app into the app store. This will provide you with the confidence and assurance you need.